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2001 Thunder

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There are no “pop” and no commercials here. Just buckle up for another FOUR-HOUR fast-paced and hard-hitting review, as the dirt track warriors break on through the flying dirt! THUNDER 2001 features points-handicapped competition of the Central PA sprinters AND a variety of short track highlights. Another season is history chock-full of everything that makes our sport Number 1. We’re here to help you through the winter with THUNDER IN THE PA MOUNTAINS, the FOUR-hour/TWO-tape/disc fully-narrated review of the country’s toughest super sprint car circuit. 

PA stars migrate south to Florida for wheel-to-wheel battle with the All-Stars before beginning season-long, points-handicapped competition on home turf. 

Slide jobs rule as fast cars struggle to come from mid-pack, putting on the best show in super sprint car racing. Included are many emotionally-charged victory lane interviews, often humorous and “salty,” from real people we all can be proud of.

WATCH UNBELIEVABLE WALK-AWAY CRASHES! Fast Freddy has his hands full at Lincoln; Kauffman squeaks out Port Royal points over Mr. Excitement; Kreitz and DeWease beat up on the Outlaws at Williams Grove and Silver Spring; Super Sportsman four-wide racing sets up another LOOOOOONG winners list; Layton’s the man at Selinsgrove; KARS and ARDC action is highlighted by wingless broad sliding; and there's URC, micro sprints, late models, modifieds, and more. This is new footage from over 200 racing events at 45 different tracks.

Our “Heavy Metal” segment (the season’s wildest stock car crashes) and “Across the Fruited Plain” segment (slobber knockers from across the country) round out THUNDER IN THE PA MOUNTAINS 2001. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!!

$40 price includes S&H and Sales Tax

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