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2002 Thunder

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With a mid-season visit by SCRA, 437 flips, and fully-narrated by Wayne Harper, THUNDER 2002 features points-handicapped competition of Central PA 410 sprints, 358 sprints, and Super Sportsmen from Williams Grove, Port Royal, Selinsgrove, Lincoln, and Silver Spring, including over 40 tracks in all. Plus, our two-tape/disc set includes the best of the rest: SCRA, 50/50 girls, ARDC, URC, WOO, micros, and more, all from across the country’s NUMBER 1 race circuit. From gut-wrenching crashes to emotional and often humorous victory lane interviews by real people we can be proud of, THUNDER 2002 is the best medicine for the race fan's winter-time blues. Our “Heavy Metal” segment (the season’s wildest stock car crashes) and “Across the Fruited Plain” segment (slobber knockers from across the country) round out THUNDER IN THE PA MOUNTAINS 2002. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!! 

$40 price includes S&H and Sales Tax

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