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2009 Thunder

Our 2009 two DVD season review THUNDERS onto your television screen for four fully narrated, non–stop, fast-paced hours including 111 different winners and spiced by 456 flipping crashes.

Relive renowned points-handicapped PA competition as presented by the fastest racers on dirt, the “PA POSSE” 410 SPRINT CARS. Season long coverage of Williams Grove, Lincoln, and Port Royal.  The year they asked "WoO Who?".

Hang on as large fields of 358 Sprints showcase the next generation of super stars.  The learning curve is always spectacular with sparks and parts flying.  A youth movement you can love.  Selinsgrove, Trail-Way, Lincoln and Williams Grove.


Second to none for side-by-side racing under wings, the SUPER SPORTSMAN find a home at Williams Grove with visits to Port Royal and Lincoln.


The racy ARDC MIDGETS make a "wingless believer" out of many with their adventures across the circuit. 

Of course, the Mighty Micros and 305 Sprints will keep you on the edge of your seat with their on (and over) the-edge antics.  Plus, Grandview Thunder, URC and more.  As always, you're sure to enjoy the refreshing and unrehearsed victory lane interviews by the "real people" drivers we are so prod of.


$40 price includes S&H and Sales Tax

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